ok realtalk tho when you all first started drawing ur animes did it start out like this


with everything down to the hands-behind-back-because-i-can’t-draw-hands to sugoi sparkly desu eyes that you’d spend 90% your time drawing and the other 10% bullshitting the rest of the body and the really weirdly parted hair with a huge chunk of the bangs right in the middle of the forehead and a V on the chest for cleavage 

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Bildzitat (pictorial citation) Original by Jaya Nicely
This is Alexander Schmorell, he was part of ‘Die weiße Rose’, a resistance group in Nazi Germany.
I’m in love with the original photo (so I had to draw my version sooner or later).

I found some old drawings (from when I was around 14) and they are somehow better then what I do today and that really isn’t a good motivation

havent uploaded in a while ~__~ I left all my drawing stuff in Berlin, looking forward to the christmas reunion, haha